About & Us

You Mega Interior Design & builder department are founded & based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our designs are driven by passion & enthusiasm in pursuing creativity, stream line, & astonishing appearance in each & every one of our production. Hence, each & every one of our design works remained unique & irreplaceable.

The team is professional, creative, inspirational, trustworthy and fun to work with. We are extremely particular & insist on attention paid to every single design & build details. Possessing over 20 years combined experience we’ve got the expertise to accompany our energetic approach. Through well bonded collaboration with multiple sources of material & suppliers we have successfully transformed every design visualization & detail on paper, into realistic production & gained client’s satisfaction.

We accept wide varieties of project type & client’s profile. Our service & production range from minor design & builder’s work, to high profile & expectation personnel / client. We are always aware of budget, making sure we meet financial goals. Through wide varieties of provided material & craftsmanship, we are confident & fully capable to adjust design & build’s course to meet every client’s expectation.


我们的设计动力是发自于对室内设计的激情和热情,驱动着我们的对于每一份作品所追求的独特创造力,强烈的流线感,和惊人的设计外观。因此,我们的设计作品,每一份都是独特和无法替代的 。